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How I started loving LEGO again in my thirties

Orange Creativity Box ~ LEGO 10709 - Or how I discovered again the joy of playing with LEGOs.

As much as I loved LEGOs during my childhood - I have to admit - I stopped caring about them as soon as I started growing up… and never thought much about them until very recently.

I suspect this is common to many AFOL.

Six years ago, I became father of the most wonderful little girl… No, that’s not when I re-discovered my passion for LEGOs; at the time, as you might guess, we haven’t much free time.

I’ve always loved spending time with my daughter, and she likes playing with me, too. When she was still a little girl, her favorite games were role-play games. So, for long time, everyday after work, I took off my programmer hat and put on a doctor’s hat, or a clerk’s hat, or a little baby’s hat.

Time really flew, fast forward to today, I’m father of the most wonderful 6yo little girl 😀 - who still loves role-play game more than every other toy she got during these years… LEGOs are the only toys which can stand comparison.

That’s perhaps not much surprising; LEGO has an incredibly wide offering of products, loved all around the world by children, and adults. With a such rich variety of offerings, you might be surprised to know, that, what cought our attention were probably the simplest of all their products: the creativity box.

We started with the Orange Creativity Box ~ LEGO Classic 10709 , and in less than a week we had already ordered Blue , Red , and Green .

My daughter, almost immediately, started to mix the colors, creating her own fantastic shapes. I was surprised by the variety of new pieces at our disposal, but still could feel the same feelings of when I was child, but with greater joy this time, because I was playing with my daughter. In no time we both were hooked.