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Our family LEGO portrait

Me, and my family, as LEGO minifigs.

In this period, we - as many of you - are passing almost 100% of our time at home.

One positive aspect of this “always staying at home”, is that we were able to accomplish lot of things we had postponed for long time, such as our family LEGO portrait.

We bought the minifigs and the picture frame months ago, but never assembled it, till very recently.

We bought the picture frame from IKEA, RIBBA.

RIBBA ~ A picture frame by Ikea
RIBBA ~ A picture frame by Ikea

Differently than most picture frame, RIBBA is quite depth, leaving enough space for the minifigures.

We’ve used other common LEGO pieces to create a base for us to stand, and used hot glue to fix it on the picture frame background.

We’re proud of the end result.